Brent is a husband and father of two living in Frisco, TX. He is passionate about his faith, motorcycles and challenging people to fulfill the purpose they were created for.

Brent has 15 years experience in graphic and web design and 5 years experience in coaching. He is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified Digital Marketer Specialist, Internet Business Coach, Podcaster, host of the Health Coach Success Summit and founder of Impactful Coaches.

He along with his business partner Lynn Burns, of Burns & Partners - Health Coach Agency, are passionate about helping early-stage, purpose-driven entrepreneurs create success online.


“I used to think that your calling was about doing something good in this world. Now I understand it’s about becoming someone good—and letting that goodness impact the world around you.” - Jeff Goins


Exploring our beautiful world on a motorcycle.


Secretly blue, although I've told people green since I was a child because I didn't want to be like every other boy who liked blue. I gotta stand out!


Any beautiful beach.

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I grew up in a beautiful beach community an hour north of Los Angeles, CA. It was evident early on that I wasn't built for the traditional path; going to college, getting a good job and hopefully saving enough to retire at a decent age. I couldn't wait to get out of high school. In fact, I went to summer school every year just so I could get out at noon my entire senior year. What did I do with my extra time? I worked of course. I was busboy in a local Italian restaurant. At the age of 16 I convinced the owner to give me a shot at becoming a waiter even though I knew she only hired older, experienced waiters. I told her she wouldn't regret taking a chance on me, and I quickly became one of her best waiters. As soon as I graduated high school, I began working in sales for one of the largest fitness centers in the world. I was so scared to pick up the phone and cold call that I quit after only three months and spent a month water skiing with friends while secretly beating myself up for quitting. I'm not a quitter, and I don't like failing. I convinced them to give me another shot, got over my crap, and became a consistent top performer in the district.

Brent015At the age of 24 I started an online marketing and lead generation company with two friends, little experience and zero capital. Within 6 months, we grew the company to ten full-time employees. The mistake we made was starting the company with one client and not focusing on adding more clients early enough. When the company we were marketing for made some changes, it quickly put us out of business after only two years. The toughest part was having to tell our ten employees that it didn't work out and we had to let them go. Unfortunately, the loss of my dream of being a business owner and physically losing everything I had, took it's toll and caused me to drift over the next 9 years. I was simply existing, not living. Working meaningless jobs just to get by.

When I turned 33, everything changed. Maybe it was the significance of being a few years into my 30's and not seeing much of a future. Maybe it was the fact that my wife and I had a new baby. Maybe I was just tired of drifting. I think it is was all three. Regardless, that is when I began my long, painful journey of personal development, discovering my purpose in life, desiring to make an impact in our world and once again becoming an entrepreneur. I put myself through nutrition school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. It wasn't long before I began to realize that one-on-one coaching wasn't for me. I enjoy inspiring people to take action, I love seeing the "light bulb" go off in someone's head when they have an "aha" moment, but I'm not suited to be the patient sage who walks the client through their personal journey. Once again I was at a crossroads. Do I quit and just settle for commuting to a meaningless job and paying my bills, or do I push on to discover what I am meant to do and who I am meant to serve?

brent_podcastingI knew I had a ferocious appetite for learning. I knew I loved connecting people. I knew I loved inspiring people to take action and figuring out what they were born to do. But it wasn't until I was asked to host an online summit for health coaches who are struggling with the business side of coaching that I began to understand how to do it, and more importantly, who I wanted to serve. I almost turned the offer down. I thought, why are they asking me? I have no experience with online summits other than being an attendee of many of them. I have no experience interviewing anyone, let alone my hero's. But deep in my gut, I knew I had to do it, and during the process of developing the topics, researching expert speakers and conducting the interviews I started to come alive. I loved getting little nuggets from each speaker and I was fired up about sharing their wisdom and experience with coaches who were struggling to build their business.

Through this experience I now know I love interviewing successful coaches and business experts.. I know I love sharing tips, tools and resources as well as motivation and encouragement to new health coaches, life coaches and other purpose-driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs. I know I really enjoy the podcasting platform. I am. Trying to make my difference in this world by helping others step out of their comfort zone, get over their fears, learn crucial skills and start feeding that desire within them. The desire to use their gifts, follow their passion and uncover their purpose.

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