How to do a Social Media Audit…and Why

How to do a social media audit

What’s a social media audit?

What’s a social media audit and why do I need to do one? It’s simply a process of optimizing your social media profiles for optimal effectiveness. Chances are, like most people, you set up your profiles on your own. You probably looked to see what other people were doing and adapted it for your business. If I had to bet, I would say you probably didn’t take a course on optimizing your social media profiles.

By Optimizing your social media profiles, they will visually stand out better, be easier to find through search and easier to find by other people.


If your social media profiles are feeling a little stale or you’d like to know if they are as effective as they can be, this is for you.

It would take way too long to highlight every possible social media platform you may have an account with, so we are going to limit it to the most popular and most used; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

To make it even easier, we’ve also put together a handy checklist you can download. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Optimizing your Twitter Profile

  • Go back to your profile settings and make sure you fill in each field accurately and completely.
  • ‹‹Use your bio field to add relevant keywords to your business. This will help optimize your profile for search engine ranking.
  • Add photos and videos to give your profile a complete look.
  • Use Twitter Cards to increase engagement and traffic. You can learn more about Twitter Cards here.
  • Find your most popular content and feature it on your profile by pinning it.
  • Add Twitter buttons to your website so your visitors can easily share your content.
  • Follow other profiles’ Twitter Lists and create lists of your own. Learn more about Twitter Lists here.
  • Find the social influencers in your industry and engage with them by liking, retweeting or quoting their tweets.
  • Create consistent posts that are interesting, relevant and helpful to your industry.

Optimizing your Facebook Page

  • This will be the same for all your social media accounts. Fill out your profile completely and accurately.
  • Use keywords when writing your About section.
  • Create a vanity URL for your page. One that’s easy for people to remember and also easy to spell.
  • Keep your design and branding the same across all your platforms for consistency.‹‹
  • Pin your most popular post to the top of your profile. Be sure to change it out regularly as your popular posts may change, or when you are running a special promotion or sale.
  • ‹‹Use 3rd party apps to drive Facebook traffic to other web properties.
  • ‹‹Use Pages to Watch feature to see what your competition is doing and what’s working for them.

Optimizing your LinkedIn Company Page

  • ‹‹As with all your profiles, use visually stunning or interesting images for you cover photo. And keep them the same across each social media profile.
  • ‹‹Keep your company information current and make sure it’s filled out completely.
  • ‹‹Add a Follow button to your website.
  • ‹‹Use LinkedIn Groups to connect to your customers, prospects and potential employees.
  • ‹‹Consider using Showcase Pages to promote different product or services you offer.

Optimizing your Instagram Profile

  • Add a clickable link to your website in your Bio (the only place you can add a clickable link).
  • Make sure your account is ‹‹set to public, not private. If you want to share personal images with select friends and family, create a separate Instagram account.
  • ‹‹Use an app like Evernote or Later to create a list of your most often used hashtags.
  • ‹‹Place an Instagram widget on your website to attract followers.

Optimizing your YouTube Page

  • Add a high resolution image for your channel’s avatar.
  • ‹‹Create a channel title that clearly reflects your brand.
  • Create playlists so you can group together similar content. For example; “How-To’s”, “Q&A’s” or “Product Reviews”.
  • ‹‹Create a description with important keywords in the first three lines
  • Add at least 10 metatags to each video you upload.

There you have it! Several tips for optimizing your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

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