Live Video Tips from Top Social Influencers

Live Video

Is Live Video a part of your marketing plan yet? You know you need to be doing live video. The experts are talking about nothing else. YouTube has now added live streaming. Facebook and Instagram make live video their biggest priority. Twitter is trying to get in the game. So, if you know you need to be doing…

How to get your self care on like a BOSS!

Self Care

Is self care a priority in your life? Whether you are a coach to others or an entrepreneur running any type of business, self care should be at the top of your goal list. If you don’t take your own self care seriously, how are you going to show up for others? To succeed as…

How to embrace change in your business

embrace change

It’s okay to change! As a matter of fact – BRING IT ON! The importance of embracing change as an entrepreneur is H-U-G-E! All joking aside – it’s true. Having been an entrepreneur for well over a decade, one thing I know for sure is that no matter how much planning you do change is…

Learn to delegate or lose your business


When it comes to delegating, I’ll be the first to admit I suck at it. Until recently, I’ve always believed the lie that if I want something done right, I’ve got to do it myself. And I don’t think I’m alone. I think a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with delegation. We tell ourselves, no one…

5 Tips for Better Workspace Focus


Spring cleaning time is here and your workspace should not be left off the list. Your workspace environment highly affects your mood, energy, sense of clarity and production. These days more than ever distractions are abound! The challenges of staying focused in your workspace have never been this difficult. What remains unchanged for most of…

Could it actually be OK to disagree?


Agree, disagree, does it really matter? I have to warn you. This post is a bit of a diversion from the norm for us. It’s actually more of a rant which we typically avoid here. But I just couldn’t help it. There is something that has been bugging me for a while and I’ve come…

How to build authority and trust in your business

building authority

What does it mean to build authority? And why is it so important in business and as an entrepreneur? Building authority is to create and cultivate a confident quality of someone who knows a lot about something or who is well respected by others. Building authority is a crucial ingredient for success as an entrepreneur.…

How to do a Social Media Audit…and Why

How to do a social media audit

What’s a social media audit? What’s a social media audit and why do I need to do one? It’s simply a process of optimizing your social media profiles for optimal effectiveness. Chances are, like most people, you set up your profiles on your own. You probably looked to see what other people were doing and…

How would you describe the current state of your email list?

list-building challenge

Get your List-Building Jump-Start! When it comes to list-building, some adjectives I’ve used in the past to describe my own list include… Small. Disinterested. Completely stalled out! Warning! This is a time-sensitive blog post If you feel the same way about your list-building efforts, I’ve got great news!!! You may already know we use Convertkit…

8 proven Follow-through tips for tremendous success


Follow-through is important in many aspects of life. Without a doubt in business it is a must for success. Unfortunately far too many golden opportunities are lost simply due to lack of follow-through. Procrastinators in particular chronically put things off and drop the ball when it comes to follow-through. All too often the “I’ll do…


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