Gratitude –A key ingredient to a happy, fulfilling life. [9 tips]


I love a holiday, especially one that involves gratitude and giving thanks! They are set markers for celebration and special times. Even birthdays I consider personally declared holidays! Although truly each day should be cherished, holidays help us to remember to hit the pause button to appreciate people and our lives. Sadly instead of practicing this in…

Want more clients, higher sales? There’s a system for that

sales system-3

Let me start off by asking you a question. How well does your website convert traffic into more clients or higher sales? The reason I ask is because I speak to a number of coaches and small business owners each week and I’m surprised by how many of them still believe a beautiful, functional website is the…

Did you forget to take off your Halloween Costume?


I love Halloween. Not because of the candy. I actually hate that part of it. I’m not much of a candy person. I love Halloween because of the costumes. These days it’s more about seeing my 8 yr old and 5 yr old get dressed up and then joining their posse of little people as we…

How to quit your 9-5. An interview with Dan Miller.


Earlier this year I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Dan Miller, author of the best-selling book “48 Days to the Work you Love“, for a virtual Health Coach Summit. I know many of our readers and  many of the members of our private Facebook group; Impactful Coaches Community feel stuck in their day job while…

Squirrel! …Do you suffer from shiny-object syndrome?


Do you ever find yourself starting something like a new project, training course or even a conversation, then all of the sudden…  SQUIREL! Something else catches your attention and before you realize it you’ve changed course. I like to call it “shiny-object syndrome”. But it’s basically nothing more than allowing yourself to become distracted by something else.…

5 key areas that could determine if you are getting in your own way


Ask any one of us, being an entrepreneur takes work. It’s challenging, it takes courage, it takes persistence, commitment, and lots of planning. Then there’s the mental stress management of worries and doubts. Thoughts ruminate through your mind about your abilities, questioning your decision to forge out on your own, and let’s not forget about…

Companies Spent How Much on Corporate Wellness This Year?


According to the National Business Group on Health (NBGH), employers spent an average of $693 per employee on wellness-based incentives in 2015, up from $594 in 2014. So what does this mean for coaches? There is a LOT of opportunity in the corporate niche. Many coaches though tend to shy away from corporate America for…

9 Successful Solopreneurs share their #1 Mindset Breakthrough Moment

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My partner Lynn and I have been hard at work on our first season of the Impactful Coaches Podcast. I’m super excited because this first season is all about mindset. This is important to us because we have noticed so many new coaches get wrapped up in trying to learn all the ins-and-outs of marketing, like how to…

How to create community and avoid isolation. 5 Tips for solopreneurs.

Businesswoman in despair

Before moving to New York City I always found it perplexing to hear many people find living in the Big Apple a “lonely” experience. I thought to myself – how could that be? After all you are muddled within global masses of people most everywhere you go. After nine years in – I get it.…

Why I left Mailchimp after 5 years and who I switched to


If you’re a solopreneur you know how important email marketing is. Having an enthusiastic, responsive audience can be the life-blood for your coaching, consulting or speaking business. Yet email service providers can be one of the greatest frustrations we deal with in our businesses. Like many other coaches I know, I began with Mailchimp. Mostly…


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